Zaphod, my iPhod


Annoyingly resistant to tinkering, but nonetheless an extraordinary feat of engineering, and the closest thing you can get to an iPhone round these parts.

Joseph | 27 Sep 2007

Tue 9 Oct 2007, 11:36AM Robert

Might be more tinkerable soon...

I'd be tempted to get one, but I'm pretty happy with my Shuffle/DS combo right now, especially as open wifi hotspots ain't that easy to come by here in Perth.

How do you use yours? Mostly for music, or for video and web access?

Tue 9 Oct 2007, 11:56AM Joseph

Woohoo! We inch closer to the goal, anyway.

Actually I think I use it mostly to confirm that I am not in the vicinity of an open wireless network.

But I have hacked up a web app that lets me save pdfs and long documents as offline bookmarks, so I can save long tracts and read them on transport/in cafes. Useful in combo with Project Gutenberg and various RFCs.

That and the music player are my two main uses. In truth the music functionality is crap, because there's no external volume control, and no easy way to skip forward or back — you have to take it out and unlock it, double-tap the home button and fiddle with the touch controls. When a remote in a humane form factor comes out (the iPod Radio Remote would be good), then it will be a very pleasant device.

All up I'd agree, stick with your Shuffle/DS setup until the iPhone proper arrives.

Tue 9 Oct 2007, 2:41PM Robert

you have to take it out and unlock it, double-tap the home button and fiddle with the touch controls

Wow. Apple by and large nails user-friendly design, but that seems like a major, major oversight. I loved the old clickwheel because I could stick the iPod in my pocket and control it through my pants.

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