Things about which you did not know I had an opinion, arrayed by increasing obscurity

Whistling kettles.

Mismatched crockery.

Superfluities of box hedge.

The utility of the good china.

Tiles anywhere outside a bathroom.

Unconventional approaches to storing cookware.

Being asked to sit with my back to a window or door.

The arc of a door's swing vis-à-vis the edge of the bed.

Spectral malignancies generated by other people's tastes in rugs and runners, even after these have been removed from the scene of the crime.

Hairline distinctions between collecting dachshund ornaments and becoming one of those nutty middle-aged ladies who hordes things that look like chickens.

The propinquity of basic furnishings and vertical perimeters (you know, things being up against walls — what I called 'abutment' when I declared "The fact is, I just love abutment").

Inconsistencies in the logic used to explain why we'd have more than two of any item of cutlery or crockery (during which debate I was reasonably accused of emotional blackmail and divested of all moral standing in these matters).

Joseph | 18 Dec 2009

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