The method in _why's madness

I'll admit that when, two-and-a-bit years ago, I annotated the Poignant Guide with this:

how not to write a technical manual (please get to the point!)

... I didn't really 'get' why the lucky stiff.

And though I've been a regular reader of his Redhanded ever since, and though I've dabbled in a little, and though I've sat through such, well, mindfucks as Everyone Is Here In The Future and quite enjoyed the antics, and though I have myself sprouted similar (though less skillful and perplexing) philosophies, still I've never quite understood his motivation. I mean, he's kinda weird.

However, today he directed us to, which supplants Redhanded and operates as something of a mouthpiece for his noble new project, Hackety-Hack.

On the about page he explains it:

I’m not so interested in acronyms and technobuzz. I’m more into how hacking weaves into life.

Think of how often ordinary people type http:// into a browser! That’s hacking, friends. It’s an obscure code that has found its way into the mainstream. Can’t you see the tremors of the infectious hacking spirits, breaking their way into everything??

Anyway, along these lines: I try to abide the Hackety Manifesto.

Yeah, I think I get it now.

Joseph | 4 May 2007

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