The end of things blues

Last night I dreamed the sun went out. All over the world, and in the town where I was, we sat and absorbed the news. Observable and scientific ramifications slowly dawned on us. It was about to get very, very cold. The stars were already incandescent, the moon was lost. Nothing could be grown ever again, and the atmosphere was already depleting. Soon, basic services -- electricity, gas -- would cease, as their operators grimly awaited the fate we all shared. The end was inexorably nigh.

The feeling was far worse than the fear of my own imminent death: the entire legacy of humanity, everything I had loved and stood upon and striven towards, was suddenly abrogated. All things became pointless.

Our course was clear: we went to the pub, and drank our rapidly cooling beers in the dark.

Joseph | 2 Mar 2008

Sun 2 Mar 2008, 10:10PM Daniel’s linux notebook

That sounds like a terrible dream! Was it very life like, or did you control your own dream?

I never dream life like dreams, but I always know that I am dreaming. So I can control and transform everything in my own dreams. For me, dreams works like a very creative and limitless environment where I can explore things of my own choosing.

In any case, I am glad you do not feel too much despair afterwards. (I hope?)

Mon 3 Mar 2008, 8:58PM Joseph


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