One stone, two... checkboxes!

Last Saturday began somewhat deflatedly, what with Kel and I recovering from our decadal (aluminium?) anniversary — where, between cocktails at Cavallero, whole bottles of wine to accompany kim-chi pancakes at Goshen, and a significant number of beers at the Tote, we had got somewhat schickered. And when I overdo it, I'm usually depressed as a bastard by the light of morning. It didn't help that a day of shopping chores loomed.

But despite this handicap, and despite several consumerist wild goose chases before noon, I achieved two things I'd never done before: I bought a refrigerator, and I got to ride in a big-ass tow truck when Kelly's ute broke down carrying it home.

I know that little red Datsun 1200 is much admired, so I can assure you it's back on the road, albeit with a disconcerting rattle in first gear.

Joseph | 30 Apr 2007

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