No sleep 'til Brooklyn!

I'm back in the United States of America, seven months to the day since my last visit. The first time it took me thirty years. The flight was 23 hours long. All durations are interminable in some way or another.

If you enjoyed American Diary, I humbly present American Diary II: L Train to Brooklyn. You know what they say about sequels.

Joseph | 27 Oct 2008

Tue 28 Oct 2008, 1:00PM Ianca

Dude... welcome back. Are you gonna give my buddy a ring this time? He's good peeps and looks his drink. Trust me.

Thu 30 Oct 2008, 1:03AM Joseph

Yeah I should! Will see if I can get a night free.

Tue 4 Nov 2008, 4:45PM Sophie Cunningham

Love the perfume shop, Joe, and the pizza making guy. That video is quite beautiful, or zen, or something.

Wed 5 Nov 2008, 1:37AM Ned

And of course you're coming home via the UK?

Have a nice day.

Wed 5 Nov 2008, 2:50AM Joseph

Thanks Soph!

Ned: I wish, but I gotta get back to work. Sounds like you're having a ball too.

Fri 29 May 2009, 3:43PM Ben

Did you ever return?

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