Fuck off

I have to make a confession. I am somewhat cantankerous. Now I know this will be surprising coming from one of such a sunny disposition, like discovering that Father Christmas isn't real. And sure, like anyone I'm animated by romance, good cheer, fine beer, intelligent conversation, and oxford commas. But mostly I'm burning with unbridled rage for inanimate objects and abstract concepts, and not infrequently, humans.

For a while now I have been documenting these furious obsessions on Twitter. But we all know that Twitter doesn't scale, and it surely doesn't scale to my intermittent infernos of pique.

So I have built a tool. I call it What's Annoying Joseph. Colloquially it is known as The Fuck Off List, or FOL. Check in occasionally to commune with my spiteful side. You can even subscribe to the RSS feed for regular and pithy servings of bile.


Joseph | 17 Jun 2009

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