Drinking Songs Week: Saturday

The week's last song cannot but go to WA's Kill Devil Hills.

I'm not the guy you perceive
You tell me that I'm drinking too much
Y'know, I could never believe
You tell me that I'm drinking too much
Go on, pack your bags and leave

Kill Devil Hills, Drinking too much

Joseph | 26 May 2007

Sun 27 May 2007, 2:59PM Vincent

Beautiful songs, impeccable taste, obviously a raging thirst, but you might wanna know that the Kill Devil Hills Song cuts out before it's properly finished.

Sun 27 May 2007, 3:04PM Joseph

Odd — it proceeds to a natural conclusion for me...

Sun 27 May 2007, 3:58PM Vincent

Hmm, looks like there's nothing to worry about now. I tried twice before to make sure it wasn't just an anomaly, but I guess my method wasn't totally scientific.

Anyway, you've made me buy about 3 CDs. Who's paying you, anyway?

Tue 29 May 2007, 3:35PM Joseph

Paying me? The RIAA probably thinks I'm stealing. Has there ever been such a wantonly self-destructive conglomerate, like, ever?

Good thing most artists get it.

Thu 31 May 2007, 2:13AM Vincent

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