Distant splintered glass

I ate alone at Sahara, where four years ago I wrote about the view from a cracked window. The vista has changed — then it was a deep hole in the ground, now it is another city mall. The window is still broken. I liked that.

Joseph | 4 Aug 2008

Tue 5 Aug 2008, 9:02PM Fergus

Ha! Good to even hear that cafe's still there. Even before the view was hole in the ground it was a skate park, and the people who worked in Sahara were stoners who'd forget your bagel order. We used to go down there for a coffee and a bagel between classes up at RMIT. All the time, all the time, we'd think "ah, forty minutes, we're totally cool" and invariably they'd forget at least one person's lunch, but they were so sweet we'd forgive them and go and grab a roll from Rue Babelon on the way back. I think the joint's changed hands about three times since then, but I've always had a soft spot for it. Next time I'm back in town I'll go up for another look.

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