Dear Wes Anderson,

I don't really watch movies, but still, I like yours.

To get to the point though, it seems likely that at some stage in your career you will be filming a getaway scene that ends up in an opium den. When that happens, I have a suggestion that I think could save you a few bucks. Instead of commissioning Mark Mothersbaugh to do his thing, just cut to the chase* and use this song from Dr John (the Night Tripper)'s debut album, Gris-Gris:

Only too happy to help. Yours sincerely,

Joseph Pearson

* You see what I did there?

Joseph | 9 Dec 2007

Mon 10 Dec 2007, 12:57PM Ned

Hey Joe that's a pretty nifty little media player you got there - where do I get me one of those?

Mon 10 Dec 2007, 1:00PM Joseph

I'll mail ya the details. We can't have everyone getting one.

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