Continental drift

I don't know if you've heard about it, but there's a bit of contention down here in the antipodes as to whether Australia is "headed in the right direction".

Well I did the research, and at present, we're drifting north towards the tropics at a rate of 10mm per year.

Right? Wrong? Hell if I know. There's probably more important things to quibble over. Enjoy a sunny Saturday.

(Update: Here's a pic of the current state of the aforementioned blackboard:)


Joseph | 24 Nov 2007

Mon 3 Dec 2007, 6:17PM Vincent

I meant to ask this before but never got round to it...did you draw this excellent projection of the country freehand?

Wed 5 Dec 2007, 10:53AM Joseph

Yep! Think I compressed the horizontal scale somewhat, tho.

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