Joseph | 25 Jul 2007

Wed 25 Jul 2007, 11:14AM Virginia


You should put your hand up for the job.

Wed 25 Jul 2007, 11:20AM Joseph

Not with this fucking board of directors.

Wed 25 Jul 2007, 12:16PM Vincent

Well may we say God Save the Queen...

Wed 25 Jul 2007, 12:19PM Mel


Wed 25 Jul 2007, 12:22PM Joseph

Spot on, Vincent.

Wed 25 Jul 2007, 3:05PM Peter

You may regret that terribly come finals time. What if the Dons sneak in, and their first final is a sold-out Elimination at the G v Collingwood?

Wed 25 Jul 2007, 3:07PM Joseph

Well I've been reliably informed by the Essendon Board of Directors that such a scenario is impossible.

Thu 26 Jul 2007, 11:36PM reg

I feel as angry as you too ...but I've got some really good sticky-tape to repair your card. Sheeds would prefer that.

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