An Unseasonably Warm Weekend as Seen by Our Accountants

Black Cat, Friday, 9pm

(Taxi for one from Brunswick — $13 + $7 tip.)
1 stubby of Coopers Green, 1 magnanimous stubby of Melbourne Bitter for the guy talking to you when I arrived — $9.50

Bar Open, 10pm

2 x Mountain Goat Hightail — $16
2 x Mountain Goat Hightail — $16
1 Mountain Goat Hightail, 1 glass water — $8.50

Cafe Romantica, Saturday, 2am

2 glasses the Pinot Noir, sorry I'm afraid we are out, okay the Burges Shiraz, there is also the Cab Sauv, that doesn't have a glass price, it is the same sir, very well the Cab Sauv... ahem... you know it is cheaper by the bottle if you are intending to stay around sir, 2 glasses please, no problem — $15
1 small mushroom pizza, 1 small bocconcini pizza, token gratuity — $18.50

East Brunswick Newspower, 10am

Copy of The Saturday Age (woohoo) — $2.40

Lygon St greengrocer, 10am

2 bananas — $1

Artisan Espresso, East Brunswick, 10am

Soy latte — $3.50

No. 1 Tram, Lygon St, 10am

2 hour Zone 1 full fare — $3.50

Farmer's Market, Collingwood Children's Farm, 11:30am

Raspberry jam, spiced apple and rhubarb relish, 1 rhubarb & cream tart — $12
Sticky malt sourdough loaf, fruit sourdough loaf with caraway seeds — $13
Bottle of Limoncello — $15
Persian Fetta in a tin, goats' cheese medallions in a jar — $26.50

Dight's Falls, shying from the midday sun

Call goes through to voicemail — $0.30

Lofty Mart, 2:03pm

1 longneck Coopers Green, 1 longneck Coopers Red — $9.50

Outside the former Cafe Dreams, 2:06pm

Taxi for one to Sydney Road — $15? No tip; rather, a tale worth telling.

Disparate locations, 2:30-7:30pm

5 SMS messages, $0.50
4 SMS messages, $0.40

Brunswick, 8pm

Taxi — $15?

The Labs, 9pm

1 bottle The Wanderer 2007 Pinot Noir (tab collected by Inventive Labs)

Chemist Warehouse, Sunday, 9am

Hayfever tablets, 4 x Kleenex tissue packets, 1 misc — $33

Upmarket Aquariums, Queen Victoria Market, 10am

(Avoided purchasing Eastern Longneck turtle — note to accountant: saved $125)
(More narrowly avoided purchasing 2 seahorses and tank — note to accountant: saved further $380)

Fruit and veg aisles, Queen Vic, 11am

Half dozen long red chillies, hunk of ginger, hunk of red ginger, 6 birds-eye chillies, paper bag of button mushrooms, paper bag of portobello mushrooms, 6 sprigs basil, tub of cherry tomatoes, paper bag of baby spinach — $15, give or take

Deli section, Queen Vic, 11:30am

Tub of giant green olives, spoonful of green olives stuffed with fetta, tub of mascarpone figs — $8 dollars exactly
Ball of buffalo mozzarella, large wedge of Watsonia cheddar — $12
1 bag crostoli — $3

Polish deli, deli section, Queen Vic, 11:30am

20 slices of sopressa, 20 slices of salami, 1 round of black pudding — $18
Mildly disapproving looks from vegetarian party, shrug from unrepentant carnivore — on the house

Bratwurst shop, deli section, Queen Vic, 11:30am

$0. This is remarkable.

King and Godfree's, Lygon St Carlton, 12:30pm

Bottle of pasta sauce, sixpack of Razorback Red Ale, wafer biscuits, bottle of champagne — $39

* * *

Then, I suppose to the great relief of Mr Bretherton CPA, we put our wallets away. Sometimes I feel sorry for accountants, whose receipts are this slender window.

Joseph | 17 Sep 2008

Thu 4 Dec 2008, 6:57PM Joe Caville

What an eventful weekend. Highly entertaining for I, the budding reader.

Sat 23 May 2009, 8:24PM Girl On The Avenue

Good to see the longneck ale took priority over the longneck turtle.

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