Absurd triangulations: part x in an intermittent series

I'm sort of conscious that I don't spend much on the purchase of music these days. I still spend quite a lot on the purchase of musical experiences though — which is a roundabout way of saying that I pay to get into gigs a lot and thus support the local music scene in a more meaningful way than accumulating laser-etched frisbees. Plus the fat cats miss out on my dollar, which pleases my aforementioned early-nineties indie predilections.

Anyway I ducked into a CD launch last night, thinking I might buy the record if I enjoyed the gig. I'd heard a few tracks on the band's MySpace site and they were pretty damn good — one in particular I quite liked. As it turned out, the show was kinda mixed in quality, by which I mean I felt it was poorly mixed, but also I didn't get the sense the band was really gelling together.

But actually, I was curious to hear these muddy, rusty versions of the album tracks I'd listened to on MySpace. I figured that if they sounded like this live tonight, then the other songs they'd played tonight were probably that much better on the record.

Which was good enough for me, so I dropped twenty-five on a frisbee. And yeah, it's alright.

Joseph | 10 Oct 2007

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