A June-November romance

This appears to be an exercise tailor-made for me. Not because I have much chance of winning, but because it crams the best aspects of political and cryptographic nerdery into 40 characters. I started running my numbers, but two thoughts stayed my hand: first, there's no way I'll keep my trap shut for five months, and second, there is a lot yet to happen. In January I thought Edwards might contest the primaries for longer than he did. Even in March I thought Obama would win over Ohio.

So let's keep the temporal purview narrow. Will the VP choices count for much? It was Edwards and Cheney in 04, Cheney and Lieberman in 2000. No, I don't think it will matter all that much. Americans vote for a lot of reasons, but for veeps rarely these days. As a test of one's analytic capacity, though, it's a bit interesting. I'm intrigued by the possibility of Brian Schweitzer, but I think Obama might choose Kathleen Sebelius, and I hope he does. McCain, I suspect, will pick a friend first and an asset second, but in a toss-up, perhaps Crist.

Feel free to lampoon my general wrongness.

Joseph | 9 Jun 2008

Wed 11 Jun 2008, 11:23PM Vincent

Skeptical about Jindal for Mac?

Wed 11 Jun 2008, 11:34PM Joseph

Way skeptical. I'd be stunned if McCain went with such a social conservative, even to 'sure up the base'. And even then, a young Punjabi Catholic ain't going to get the base on side. Louisiana isn't in play, so his regional clout would be minimal. I don't like to be cynical about Republican motives, but a choice like that would reek pushing against Obama's most obvious (and least relevant) qualities. The only thing I think he has in his favour is a character reference from Rush Limbaugh.

Wed 11 Jun 2008, 11:38PM Vincent

Good reasons. He wants the job bad, though. Been auditioning all over the place.

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