Me, like 10 years ago or something.

Joseph Pearson is a sometime writer, sometime programmer, sometime agitator, hailing from the largest and most nervous of antipodean isles.

In the first person now: I am a quorum of the software inventors at Inventive Labs. Among many other things, we built Blueprint, the software on which the site chugs along. Here’s a screencast of Blueprint, if you’re interested in that sort of thing. slumbers now. It might return one day. Anyway.


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  • Topographic viewTopographic view
     shows elements on a webpage according to how deeply nested they are. It's a bookmarklet for web development.
  • The qualifierThe qualifier
     renders controversial statements on this page harmless. Reinstate the slings and barbs by refreshing. Also a bookmarklet.

  • jjmap
    American Diary

    Two weeks with the apple and the lone star (illustrated).

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