I call it Melodramatic Haiku: Five syllable line. / A seven syllable line. / Word.

There are no syllabic restrictions on the final line, but hyphenation is considered cheating. No enjambments. Should be autobiographical in the way that traditional haikus are natural.


Sleep eluded me.
Pillows lay over my eyes.


You spilt my damn drink!
Better buy me another!

You probably noticed that the definition of a Melodramatic Haiku is one itself. It is also an instance of a bastardized variety, which for no reason we have dubbed Obsolete Street Melodramatic Haiku (OSMH). In this variation, the final line is always "Word." Try it with the examples above.

And feel free to venture your own melodramatic offerings in the comments.

Joseph | 17 Feb 2004

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