Van Diemen's Land ho!

The domain expired today, after an extraordinary display of incompetence by Verio, with whom I registered the domain when I was too young to know better. Verio's ineptitude at providing support is breath-taking, and has probably reduced my lifespan by a couple of years and the probability of retaining my hirsute scalp by 700%.

Anyway, it's resolved now, thanks to my "computer forensics" skills (that's what they call it these days apparently).

Tomorrow night I set sail across the ocean to Tasmania, an island that has been singing me a Siren's song for a few years, to which I am now happily succumbing. It's only supposed to be a four day trip, but you know, I may not come back. Maybe I will be lured into picking up a hoe on a potato farming commune, to forsake my present iniquity, never to set thumb upon spacebar again.

I am burning to tell you about Project H, but then I would have to cut off your fingers and cut out your tongue, and since I believe you're quite attached to those devices, I will keep silent.

Anyway. The point is, in four days I'm going to cross off item number 12 on the I haven't list. Several others have been crossed off since it was penned, more details soon, although I have not yet seen snow and doubt that even the frosty Apple Isle will oblige. It bewilders folk, but ah, I treasure these innocences and relinquish them with great reluctance. I have so few left.

Joseph | 27 Oct 2005

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