Ugh (or, how I voted)

I'm being a total drama queen about my thesis. It's due next Friday at 4pm, and I still have to whittle down an 18000w draft with no intro, conclusion or footnotes to a shiny 12000w complete package. Hence sleeping, and blogging, have been indefinitely postponed. Drinking has been scaled back to a minimum.

Next Friday evening, however, is going to be a veritable orgy of drinking and snoozing, and maybe even some blogging if Rowena at the Prince Alfred Hotel will lend me a laptop. I wonder whether she'll let me bring a sleeping bag?

Anyway, here's how I voted:

Board of Directors:

  1. Alexander White
  2. Kathryn Wood
  3. Rebecca Barrigos
  4. Drew Rudland

Working Group:

  1. Ben Silverstein
  2. Jacky Bailey
  3. Jordana Silverstein
  4. Christian Clark
  5. Josh Cusack
  6. Shasta Stevic
  7. Louise Coleman
  8. David McDonald

Bit more to the left than I would venture in ordinary circumstances, particularly for the Board of Directors, but things have gotten dire, you know? I wanted to restore some balance there. As for the Working Group, no way was I going to wade through all several hundred candidates—I just grepped the page for "ignite" and went with them. They seemed to be making the right sorts of noises. Please let me know if I got it wrong somewhere and accidentally voted for one of Darren Ray's misshapen progeny. Who did you vote for, anyway?

What I would have much preferred to do, if the system had let me, is vote-in-the-negative. That way I could have had the immense satisfaction of putting Julian Barendse, Nick Demiris, Rohan D'Souza (my beloved Miranda's beau, as it turns out), et cetera, last.

"Empowered Independent" my arse. Not if I've got any say in it, you're not.

Joseph | 29 Apr 2004

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