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In the comments to my original [topographic bookmarklet post](/posts/04/04/01/0), [Peter](/posts/04/04/01/0#21) suggested an improvement to give it sixteen height levels, rather than the original ten. I tested it quickly, and sure enough it works, so if you find yourself hitting pink backgrounds on a few sites, you may want to update your bookmark. Link: *Improved* Topographic view Thanks Peter! ####Update: [Jesse Ruderman][sf], who keeps an excellent repository of bookmarklets at [][sfb], offers a further improvement. This should be faster, but may not work in some browsers. Link: Faster Topographic view [sf]: [sfb]:

Joseph | 15 Apr 2004

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  • Topographic viewTopographic view
     shows elements on a webpage according to how deeply nested they are. It's a bookmarklet for web development.
  • The qualifierThe qualifier
     renders controversial statements on this page harmless. Reinstate the slings and barbs by refreshing. Also a bookmarklet.

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    Two weeks with the apple and the lone star (illustrated).

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