This is a Community Service Announcement, alright, okay, it's a Me Service Announcement. I've got a Friday pass to marvellous Meredith, and Friday is the day I'm keenest on, what with the likes of Okkervil and the Cities raising the canvas.

Turns out Kelly, who is likewise equipped with a Friday pass, can't leave the lights of Melbs til late that night, missing the aforementioned sets.

Me, I'd like arrive in the mid-afternoon, to stake out a little patch of turf and to start, well, drinking and singing and et cetera.

So I'm sticking my thumb out. If you're going to MMF on the Friday, can you fit me in the back seat or something? I'd be most grateful.

  • There's a six of Boag's Draft or a silver balloon of De Bortoli's finest in it for you.
  • Don't be creepy.
  • Write me!

This has been a Me Service Announcement on behalf of you get the idea.

Update: Sorted! Thanks.

Joseph | 1 Dec 2005

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