The Twirly Whirly Girly Show

The Twirly Whirly Girly ShowTowards the end of the month, I am going to attend a lap tap dancing extravaganza. It will star (for me at least) one Kelly Gillespie, my girlfriend, sitting beside her co-dancers, reading a magazine and tap-dancing, apparently, to the cacophony strains of "Girls just wanna have fun". Or is it "My Sharona"? I can't remember. It is, however, I can positively assure you, going to be great. I'm a bit of a fan of those old Fred and Ginger movies, and while I can't confirm that Miss Kelly possesses Fred's extraordinary talents (she might!), I do know that she can kick up a racket.


I'll post the full flyer in the comments section.

Joseph | 9 Nov 2003

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