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My Zen Garden submission

I took a day off today. Off study, that is. I was motivated by last night's diversion redesigning Vincent's blog to do something I've often thought I'd like to do. Which is to cultivate a Zen garden.

A CSS Zen Garden.

I have a lot of admiration for the zen masters who release their labours on that site. I feel presumptuous in hoping to contribute to it myself. I'm not a graphic designer. Nor a web designer really—I've only designed what, three websites?

Anyway, I spent today hammering away at a submission. I haven't submitted it yet, because I want you to tell me if you see any bugs or fuglies.


Though I am but a humble and unworthy acolyte, the Bodhisattva has yet bade me enter the gates of the Garden.

Link: Miracle Cure: A CSS Zen Garden.

Joseph | 12 Feb 2004

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