The fridge

Back when m-b.o was a more restless beast, it had a running theme. Once a week or so, I would do something a bit ridiculous with words. Like that time that I counted all the punctuation on a random page in six different books, rather than looking it up on Google like anyone approximately sane. Or the post where I wrote a poem that when keyed into a phone with predictive text would come up 1) totally different and 2) wholly incomprehensible. The possibly ill-begotten graffiti wall was in there somewhere too.

This running theme came to an abrupt end when I bit off, like always, a couple more mouthfuls than I could chew.

Well, I found a few hours tonight to finish chewing it, so here's The Fridge. It's getting late, so I'm just going to give you a screenshot and a link. Please email me with your pomes, or paste your permalinks in the comments.


Link: The fridge

(Oh, it's javascript-intensive, which is to say positively ECMA-rampant, and therefore browser-intermittent. It works fine in Firefox and IE, passably in Opera, and god-freaking-knows in Safari. My intrepid Mac vigilantes will let me know, I'm sure. Ms Armitage and Ms Murdoch, I'm looking at you.)

Joseph | 28 Jul 2004

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