The egg of the world

One of the things I'm trying to work on right now is a comic book, prompted by two friends of mine, Vince and Brooke.

Here's a page.

Just after dawn on the Nile, era indeterminate.

Panel 1:

A wide shot of Egyptian semi-desert, with palms and dunes and greener patches near a river's edge.

CAPTION 1: I am the blue egg of the Great Cackler.

Panel 2:

Closer in, a single dune.

CAPTION 1: I was asleep inside a mound of dirt, now I rise from a buried egg.

CAPTION 2: I live, I say, I live. I smell the air. I sniff the air.

Panel 3:

Two clear but not precise footprints in silt.

CAPTION 1: I walk with my toes in the dirt.

Panel 4:

Edge of a river, silty and reedy. A duck's nest, with a few blue-green and brown feathers strewn in and around it. A scrawny newborn duckling looks straight into camera, beak open.

CAPTION 1: I give my family duck meat to eat.

CAPTION 2: I guard the fledgling in the nest.

Panel 5:

The dome of the sky, looking straight up. Deep fleshy blue and wisps of white. A swallow darts across.

CAPTION 1: What food there is for man in the sky, blue sky. A swallow darts and circles.

Panel 6:

Shot of late-dawn rim of the sky. Blues and pale pinks.

CAPTION 1: I am the egg. I smell the air.

Panel 7:

Full-page-width horizontal close up of gender-neutral eyes, bridge of nose. Skin is a deep tan. A few wrinkles, but generally unblemished.

CAPTION 1: I am the egg of the world.

Also, I have a new fish: a lithe shubunkin called Stipp.

Joseph | 6 Jun 2005

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