The 365-day forecast

It's true I'm a little late, but having sampled a twelfth of it, I'm arguing that my presentiment is better informed—8.3% better informed.

Self-styled prophets and would-be profiteers spend most of late December and early January ordaining the new year. For instance, 2005 is the Year of the Document Object Model, according to many. Others contend it is the Year of P2P. Or the Great Blog Backlash. Or VoIP.

(In case you slept through it or had your mind on other things, 2004 was or should have been the Year of the Nipple, the Neighbourhood Bistro, Puppet Sex, the Oklahoma Green Party, the traditional wheat beer of Belgium's Payottenland region, and incidentally, VoIP.)

So while it's still just barely January, let me offer my own comparatively humble forecast: 2005 is the year that liveblogging your nervous breakdown became the new picture of your cat.

And pencil me down for June 21.

Joseph | 30 Jan 2005

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