Stupid games of poker

I removed Jess's clarification in the post below because Jess is now censoring herself. Hell if I know.

The whole fucking problem, right from the top and right from the start of this MUSU debacle, is that people started thinking that by filtering and shaping the flow of information to the student body—by being coy or outright deceitful—they could somehow gain political advantage. But we're not playing poker, kids. They will eventually learn that it doesn't work that way. It's in the distribution of more and indiscriminate information that the truth is. And the truth will, eventually, out.

That's why I clog up the site with all this shit. It disappoints my many other readers who really don't care about the antics of a bunch of kids in a small antipodean university, but it's important. It's about the flow of information, and the futility of those who would control it.

Joseph | 5 May 2004

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