Sin City

I have in the past written a paean or two here to my comic book writing heroes, and Frank Miller inevitably got lavished with platitudes. If you visit my coding page, you'll find a single panel of his work, which even by itself amply illustrates his genius as a storyteller, dialogist, artist, even letterer.

Today I stumbled upon the trailer to Sin City, the movie. Go watch it. Twice.

Could this be? A movie that actually does justice to the graphic novels on which it's based? There hasn't been one since the original Batman, and after the ignominy of Hellboy, I'm a bit jaded. But look at the use of colour and light in that trailer: it looks like Miller's art. And here, in part, is why: Miller himself is co-director.

Do a Google search for sincity.mp4 to find a copy of the original short used by the other director, Robert Rodriguez, to convince a reluctant Miller. It's 55mb, but worth it. (You may need to install this codec to view it.)

Coming out in the States in April. The Australian distributors should note that if they can't manage to get it here shortly thereafter, I'll do it myself. It's not really that difficult.

Joseph | 15 Jan 2005

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