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'Tis the season for bloggers to pat each other on the back, seems. I thought I'd get in on the act.

I don't have a blogroll on, I don't know why, probably because I don't like commitment. Putting someone on your blogroll is commitment with a capital C, you know? What if you've got someone on your blogroll, and you haven't visited their site for a month? You can't just sort of surreptitiously remove it. They'd ask why, and well they might. Was it something I said? How do you say, it's not you it's me, to an ex-blogrollee? But if you just leave them there, well you're living a lie, right? And worse, you're propagating one—you're saying, hey read this, when you don't even read it yourself.

So I don't have a blogroll. It's too high-maintenance, it's too much stress, it engenders distrait (that's's word of the day, courtesy of Bob Carr). I like the one-night-stand version, where you just link 'em in a post and make a quiet exit in the pre-dawn while they're still soundly snoring.

So, in that spirit, here's a few blogs I'm reading these days, and why. Yeah I read kottke. Everyone reads kottke. If you experience an odd sense of de ja vu over there, let me assure you, let me assure you, he copied the design off me. Just like Beckham stole my old lazy-mohawk hairstyle for World Cup 2002 (but I stole it from Cate Blanchett, so fair's fair I guess).

die puny humans: Where I go to get my weird on. Warren Ellis is the king; incidentally, he'll give even the most prolific writer an inferiority complex.

Boing Boing Blog: Yeah I read Boing Boing. Everyone reads Boing Boing. If esoterica were bullets, Cory Doctorow would be a whole goddamn firing squad.

Kick and Scream: I don't always agree with Robert. But I always enjoy not agreeing with Robert, and in the wider world that's an uncommon pleasure. Actually, our thoughts are often in alignment, but when that happens I don't usually admit it. I can't bring myself to care about domestic politics as much Robert does, but I do appreciate his continual and often hilariously successful attempts to dack Tim Blair.

Gothamist: I had this panicky realisation a couple months ago that I'm actually a New Yorker, stranded in freakin' Melbourne. Jen's droll and gossipy observations are like a secret fix, a secret vice. Hey! I ain't no metrotard! In my vainer moments, I like to consider Paul Ford a kindred spirit. He's a programmer, a writer (copywriting is his dayjob; he moonlights scribbling fiction), and a web designer. The difference is that he's very good at all three. And he gets paid for all three. Rather than for none.

Penny Arcade: You didn't hear this from me, but Penny Arcade is really a blog. No, really. I've been reading it every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday for like five years at least. Tycho's command of the language and of ways to expressively mangle it is unparalleled. I just wish he'd try his hand at some sustained prose one day. It's a daydream I have, that's all.

She-eet, I'm not quite outta links, but I am outta superlatives. Will that do? It's getting late; at least metaphorically, the sun's coming up...

Joseph | 31 Jan 2004

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