Quanti anni hai?

emdashbedotto—the blog manifestation—turned a year old this week.

Before you know it some teeth will begin protuding from our gums, with concomitant tears, then suddenly we'll be walking across the room without holding onto anything; the Terrible Twos will come and go hardly a moment too soon, there'll be a brief last flowering of innocence during which we rejoin each statement with the question "why?", then in the blink of an eye we'll be all growed up and leaving home, scowling, cynical and worldly-wise.

Meantime I had a fireworks spectacular planned, but I've run out of time. So, if you'll again forgive the perpetual reminiscence on which this site runs, here's a few of my faves since the last orbit of the Sun.

Joseph | 11 Aug 2004

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