MUSU Election Results

The results of the 2003 student elections were provisionally declared at 2:30am this morning. They are not yet available on the official website. When they appear there, I'll put them up here.

In brief however, Go! won all office bearer positions, except:

  • Queer officers, which was won by Left-Focus/Wood; and
  • President, which was won by Scott Crawford (Student Alliance) again, after the strategic withdrawal of the Go! candidate on Wednesday morning (for more on this, see below).

Update 1:54pm

MUSU Annual Elections

Provisional Declaration -- Office Bearer Positions

President: Scott Crawford (Student Alliance Ticket)
General Secretary: Rohan D'Souza (Go! Ticket)
Women's Officer: Georgia Letten (Go! Ticket)
Welfare Officer: Nicholas Demiris (Go! Ticket)
Education Officer: John Osborn (Go! Ticket)
Arts Officer: Jeremy Lanzer/David Shafer (Go! Ticket)
Queer Officer: Rebecca Barrigos/David McDonald (Left-Focus/Wood Ticket)
Activities Officer: Brent Crockford/James Mawson (Go! Ticket)
Media Officer: Alon Cassuto/Jake Anson/Jessica Pitt/Miranda Airey-Branson (Go! Ticket)
House and Services Officer: Julian Barendse (Go! Ticket)
Environment Officer: Ned Jamieson/Mark Sango (Go! Ticket)
University Council: John Osborn (Go! Ticket)

Look out the window at that blue, blue sky. It's a grand day for rational debate.

Update 11am Sunday 28th

MUSU Annual Elections

Provisional Declaration -- Student Council and Queer Committee

Queer Committee:
Rachel Croucher (Go! Ticket)
Ohad Kozminsky (Go! Ticket)
Madilyn Gorman (Left-Focus/Wood Ticket)
Matthew Mee (Left-Focus/Wood Ticket)
Christina Curtain (CHAS Ticket)
Rebecca Lucas (CHAS Ticket)
Robin Pearse (More Beer! Ticket)

Student Council:
Nick Demiris (Go! Ticket)
Jelita Azman (International Association)
Hamish Jones (Go! Ticket)
Peter Faull (International Association)
Jason Rapke (Go! Ticket)
Valerie Ting (International Association)
James Rankin (Go! Ticket)
Darren Ray (Student Alliance)
Shasta Stevic (More Beer! Ticket)
Kevin Lam (International Association)
Josh Szwarcbard (Go! Ticket)
David McDonald (Left-Focus/Wood Ticket)
Stefan Rampertshammer (Liberal Club)
Matthew Gordon (Labor Club)
Matthew Earle (Student Alliance)

Joseph | 26 Sep 2003

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