Misshapen fruits of labours

I've put some of the essays and articles I wrote over the last month up on this site. At some stage they will be exposed as links in a completely refashioned writing section, but in the meantime, if you're curious you can traipse through the list below.

On New York and its history

Art and literature as auto-historical projects in New York City after the fall of the towers.

Multiplicity and the City
Personal identity as a divisive and cohesive force in New York City.

Australian/US foreign relations

The Gulf War debate in Australia
Examining the nature of the political and public debate over Australia's decision to participate in the 1991 Gulf War.

Other People's Wars
On whether Australia has participated in wars to the furtherance of its national interests.

Friends and Illusions
Ronald Reagan and US foreign policy in regards to its allies in the 1980s.

Some important things to note about these essays. Firstly, all footnotes have been omitted because there are about 200 of them, and I have never found a clean way to automate the process of converting them to HTML. Secondly, these essays are, like all content, protected by the Creative Commons licence (as stated at the bottom of each page). This includes the important provisions that any distribution of the work requires attribution, and no work may derive from them.

Joseph | 23 Nov 2003

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