Melbourne Fringe Festival show

City City City presents: THE PERIMETER MOTOR SHOW. An orchestrated extravaganza of music, sound and fury inspired by the films of LeLouch and Antonioni and featuring film work by local artists Karla Pringle, Albert Mishriki, Michael Fairlie, Tim McNeilage, Erick Mitzak and Mark Elliott. Words by Joseph Pearson. Also featuring who the fuck cares, who's reading this anyway, oh alright, solo performances by Ned Collette, Joseph Talia and filmed interviews with THE BAND by Johnathan Edmonds. THU 6 - SAT 8 October, BAR OPEN, FITZROY, 9 - 10:30pm, $12/10 Tix on the door I don't really think you needs ta book.
Yep, I'm doing the words. Come along!

Joseph | 27 Sep 2005

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