Measurements, estimates, and a little foreboding

In the last month I have written 26,566 words in essays and papers; 30,256 if you include footnotes. That's about ninety pages. I have borrowed more than my body weight in library books -- though what I have read of any of them is more appropriately measured in grams. I have drunk more than my body weight in beer and wine (this calculation is more of a guess than the others). I have spent hours in that tantalising, desparate moment when you're trying to hold on to an idea in your head as you wait for the best words to come. I typed expletives into the body of my essays on approximately 37 occasions when the words didn't come and I lost the idea, but I'm pretty sure I deleted them all. There are seven typos in my submitted essays that I know of.

But they're all done now. It's nice to be able to just sit back and relax, with nothing but a little 12,000 word thesis hanging over one's head. Uh, hmmm.

Hey go see the Indian Givers at Pony tonight. Make them do that song about Johnny Cash.

Coming up: My next big thing. (Hint: there's already a link to it on your right.)

Joseph | 19 Nov 2003

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