Look, I try

I really do, I try to take pride in my country -- I've been making a real effort to curb my instinctive and quite unfair scorn for the characteristics of this little island's inhabitants -- but sometimes my compatriots just go out of their way to make it tough for me. There is nothing wrong with a little aspiration, a little imagination, folks. We can do it, we need to do it. We're like that whiny little kid you couldn't stand in high school because he was always forlornly parodying himself and never striving to improve.

CANBERRA, Australia -- Australia has unveiled a new passport with floating images of kangaroos that appear to hop up and down making it virtually impossible for criminals to fake, the government says. ... "The kangaroos appear to hop up and down when the page is moved backwards and forwards, and my department thinks that that is a very nice touch," Downer said.

CNN: Passport gets the hop on fraudsters

Joseph | 1 Dec 2003

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