I haven't:

An incomplete list of things that, aged 26, I'm surprised I haven't done yet:

  • touched a snowflake.
  • left the country.
  • driven a car by myself.
  • broken a bone.
  • graduated.
  • been interviewed.
  • played a gig.
  • finished reading A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man.
  • gone blind in one eye.
  • owned a television.
  • coined a buzzword.
  • been through an airport checkin.
  • been arrested.
  • been with a redhead.
  • gone mad.
  • tried sushi.
  • seen someone die.
  • baked a cake.
  • hired a bodyguard.
  • teleported/visited the moon/travelled through time.
  • signed a cheque.
  • arranged a doctor's appointment.
  • clocked that computer game I co-developed.
  • gone skinny-dipping.
  • delivered on a pipe dream.
  • rented a hotel room.
  • solved a non-trivial Rubik's Cube puzzle.
  • grown up.
  • kicked the bucket.
  • written a novel.
  • swallowed my pride.

Joseph | 19 Mar 2004

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