A Farrago alternative for Melbourne Uni folk?

This is lifted from the "manifeasto":

We believe: That this is a reflection of a powerful current in broader society, which is leading towards ego-centrism, conservatism, fear and boredom.

Yet we say: That what is called apathy is really disaffection, what appears to be inertia is really disorientation and what is known as self interest is really alienation.

Therefore we endeavour: To uphold the ideals of independence, silliness, creativity and community lacking in our union, our university, our government and our cities in the belief that it is the duty of the disgruntled to make their voices known.

At first glance: possible obsession with dunny walls and bombastic pseudonyms, but a useful source of MUSU rumours.

Link: Goodpals (via rocknerd).

Joseph | 21 Mar 2004

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