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I gotta tell ya, I really don't know how I coped without a dedicated web server in the dining room. I've christened her streetlight (she's a LAMP setup, ho ho), she's running the Hoary Hedgehog, and she's roughly as cute as two buttons and as sweet as the proverbial ineffable. I just unzipped Gregarius to my network-mapped W drive, and that's how I'm now reading your blogs. Sometimes I Alt-Tab over to PuTTY just to ping her.

Dunno what the housemates think of the monitor that is currently occupying the dining table, but that's what sharehousing is all about, yeah? A little bit of put up, a little bit of shut up? I pay for their broadband, don't I? Alright, I'll unplug the screen tomorrow. She doesn't need it.

Anyway, no, you can't have her address. She's mine.

Joseph | 2 Oct 2005

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