Footprints et la lune

Get Your War on incidentally, ingeniously, sums up the stupidity of accusations of anti-Americanism:

Great—you not only hate America, now you gotta hate Mars too?

Link: Get Your War On on Mars


Hearing Bush's announcement yesterday made me more sad than angry. I think there are already too many footprints on the moon. It's not for jumping around on. It's for staring up at, isn't it?

For perspective, JK on the moon:

The moon her magic be, big sad face
Of infinity. An illuminated clay ball
Manifesting many gentlemanly remarks She kicks a star, clouds foregather
In Scimitar shape, to round her
Cradle out, upsidedown and old time You can also let the moon fool you
With imaginary orange-balls
Of blazing imaginary light in fright As eyeballs, hurt & foregathered,
Wink to the wince of the seeing
Of a little sprightly otay Which projects spikes of light
Out the round smooth blue balloon
But full of mountains and moons Deep as the ocean, high as the moon,
Low as the lowest river lagoon
Fish in the Tar and pull in the Spar Billy the Bud and Hanshan Emperor
And all wall moongazers since
Daniel Machree, Yeats see Gaze at the moon ocean marking
the face -
In some cases
The moon is you In any case
The moon.
Jack Kerouac, The Moon from Pomes all sizes

Joseph | 16 Jan 2004

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