Farrago censored?

Dean McVeigh is the provisional liquidator of the Melboune University Student Union. Here is a link to his vanity site.

Jake Anson, one of the Farrago editors, has previously mentioned here that Mr McVeigh had asked them "not to comment on the internal changes to MUSUi." As a consequence, the editorial team have been "wary about writing anything that could compromise ongoing legal investigations or further complicate the union's relationship with the university or community."

Today Jake has clarified the situation, making it plain that the liquidator actively censors the student newspaper. According to Jake, the mysteriously blank pages (25 & 50) in issue 2, and the fact that the issue was almost a month late, were a direct result of Mr McVeigh's censorship. You can read Jake's explanation here.

Whatever your political persuasion, and whatever your views on the Union, you still have (literally) a vested interest in information about what is happening to it, and furthermore an essential right to that information. The liquidator's interests must not be excessively prioritised against this basic right. What is it we are not allowed to see? Why are we not allowed to see it? Why is the liquidator terminally forestalling the publication of the student newspaper?

Update! Stop the frickin' press!

Another Farrago editor has written to tell me "there are some huge inaccuracies in your post about musu liquidator and censorship." Hopefully we'll get a fuller account of these inaccuracies tomorrow. Meantime, I guess the thousands of students who were busily writing emails to Deano may want to, um, just save the draft?

Further update

Okay, here's Jessica Pitt's clarification:

[Removed. [Read this](/posts/04/05/05/0).]

Anyway, Dean McVeigh has since informed me that he is not censoring anything, and that the only directive he had issued to the editors was that they must comply with established procedures for editing Farrago.

Jake's original post on the Farrago forum is apparently being restored, but meantime and for those of you loathe to log-in, it is also here: censored.png

Joseph | 3 May 2004

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