Farrago censored? Part II

Okay, both Nick Demiris and Rohan D'Souza have now written to me saying that they have never before seen this email, purportedly by Nick's hand, and they conclude it is a hoax.

In Rohan's email, he provided a couple of clarifications about MUSU's oversight of Farrago's content:

I have never and plan to never ever get involved in the actual content of Farrago. The editors were elected to be editors - not myself. In fact, I have never seen an edition of Farrago prior to it being printed and on the stands available to all students.


Firstly, Nick Demiris has no authority to write to Farrago and inform them of their budget requirements / problems / anything. Apart from the liquidator, that is my job, and I have not delegated my duties at all. Further, I would never censor political debate by withholding money.

Joseph | 17 May 2004

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