Eschewing the sidelines of history

Last week Ashley Gilbertson won the Robert Capa Photojournalism Award for repeatedly giving the Devil the bird.

The funny thing about that linked interview is that it sounds exactly like Ash. Imagine a vaguely affected voice at once weary and a little manic as you read this:

"Unfortunately, I don't think my pictures have made any difference whatsoever," he says. "I do it in the hope that one day my pictures will make some difference. The last thing I could see myself doing is standing on the sidelines of history. I need to be on the front, in order to give people the impression and understanding of being there. To be anywhere else is a lie."

The pause and soft bellylaugh afterwards weren't transcribed.

Well done, Gilbo—the attention is richly deserved. I've never met anyone as driven as you.

Here's a thing:

"The day I sold my skateboard to buy film was the day I knew I wanted to become a photographer," Gilbertson says.

If you're wondering what happened to the bloke who bought the skateboard, well... not a lot.

Joseph | 7 May 2005

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