Enough gaddabouting!

Top five ways I've procrastinated working on my thesis this last fortnight.

  1. Reading issues 32 to 60 of Transmetropolitan.
  2. Playing Yetisports 4 (PB: 1473.85).
  3. Noodling about in Expression 3. Getting a Windows trial version is tough—you've gotta download the Japanese version and strip out the localisation... but worth it! Here's a goofy little picture Kelly and I did.
  4. Reading Julian Barnes — The Pedant in the Kitchen. It sucked, it was like a mildly uninteresting blog. I was duped into purchasing it by this quote on the inside flap: "How big, exactly, is a 'lump'? Is a 'slug' larger than a 'gout'? When does a 'drizzle' become a downpour? And what is the difference between slicing and chopping?" These are each very important questions, none of which are usefully answered by Mr Barnes.)
  5. Making stylish lists of things I have to do in a rapidly decreasing amount of time and turning them into pictures which sit on my Windows desktop, which is constantly obscured anyway, rendering the exercise mostly pointless.

Today I also cleaned up the house a bit, and did the dishes and my washing.

I have however found some time in this busy schedule to work on the damn thing, and it will probably be submitted on Friday. Then we shall never ever mention it again, okay?

Joseph | 5 May 2004

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