Bring it on!

Fake photo of me holding a pom-pom I am going cheerleading tonight.

Completely unrelated (except in as much as it is something to think about while loudly singing the national anthem tonight), but quoth InPress:

Augie March, Dirty Three, Magic Dirt, Ross Wilson, Cut Copy, Bumblebeez, John Butler Trio, The Avalanches, Tim Rogers, Ben Lee, The Herd and a host of others have joined force to voice their discontent at Australia's inhumane immigration policies. The bands have worked together to create a strong and well-balanced album together with a message. That message, as elucidated by the Avalanches' Darren Seltmann is, "...let's not be intimidated by paranoia and fear... Asylum seekers are just like you and I. They need shelter, jobs and friends and they need these things urgently because for one reason or another everything has fallen apart back at home." The CD, For Those Who've Come Across the Seas... is being lauched on Sunday 19th October at the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, 207-209 Nicholson Street, Footscray. Augie March, Ross Wilson, The Dili Allstars and Charlie Marshall will be performing on the day. A number of high profile speakers will be addressing the crowd, African and Sri Lankan food will be available and entertainment will be provided for children.

Joseph | 10 Oct 2003

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