Bobby for PM!

He's eloquent, he's forthright, he's so... right most of the time. Is there anything our Mr Brown can't do? Normally I don't really approve of such simple antics, but this is George W Bush we're talking about. The only way you're going to get through to him is to shout at him. (Although Bobby later explained to CNN: "I didn't shout anything. I spoke very loudly.")

Australian hospitality


Mr Bush later attended a barbeque at Mr Howard's official residence where guests dined on shrimps and scallops, beef fillet and lamb cutlet and macadamia pavlova roulade with passion fruit ice cream. Also invited to the lunch were the star of the Crocodile Hunter television show Steve Irwin, former rugby union world champion John Eales and former Australian cricket captain Mark Taylor.

Sounds like a feast fit for a king. Or an emperor.

Joseph | 23 Oct 2003

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