And wear comfortable shoes

The leading candidate for "Most disturbing sentence in my Inbox" of 2005 is surely Vincent:

I do timed starjumps when the trumpets chime in on Newshour.

That is not necessarily exciting news. What is exciting news is this: the man responsible for the most vitriolic Melbourne blog war that had nothing to do with Miranda Airey-Branson of 2004 (namely, whether Charlie Kaufmann is not a phoney) is back in business at a new address:

You're going to be reading what Vincent writes for most of the rest of your life, so might as well get started. Follow the link.

And Melbournians should stay tuned for an announcement here in the next twenty-four hours or so. If you can't wait, head down to the Corner Hotel in Richmond tonight.

Joseph | 17 Apr 2005

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