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Walking home through the city the other day, I passed the Mekong restaurant on Swanston St. For the past few years, the window of the Mekong has been adorned with a little yellow sign, issuing proud proclamation and challenge:

President Bill Clinton Had 2 Bowls. How Many Can You Have.

This is one of the most effective advertisements I've ever seen, because it has propelled an unremarkable restaurant to the status of minor Melbourne landmark. You might have a conversation like this:

A: "So where is Cookie?"
B: "It's opposite the Mekong."
A: "The Mekong?"
B: "Yeah, you know, the restaurant where Bill Clinton had two bowls?"
A: "Oh yeah. Okay, meet you there at 10."

However, as I was walking past I reflected that, in light of recent surgical events, the owners of the Mekong might want to reassess the message they're sending. Perhaps, sadly, the sign's best days are behind it. These are the little casualties.

Joseph | 19 Sep 2004

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