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...and an aside on the name of this site.

The contents page has persisted in its current form through the several iterations of The premise is that it links a set of loosely related pieces I wrote in 96-97, which at the time of their writing were intended to be collected under the title of make:believe. The inconsistent standard of those pieces engendered a waning interest in collating them, but my affection for a few of them, and the desire to contextualise them, brought about this site. Hence the domain name. (I used to have some of this information on a "cover page", but it didn't survive the latest redesign.)

More recent writings, only dubiously (or not at all) related to the original make:believe work, are presently housed in the Appendix at the end of the contents page. This isn't exactly desirable or sensible, but it is convenient.

I'll fix it up soon, hopefully. The point is, if you want to read my recent stuff, scroll to the end of the contents page.

Joseph | 2 Sep 2003

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