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A while ago, I was contacted by a triumvirate of writing talent, possessed of a wealth of musical acumen. The trio, Andy Crook, Ben Gook and Pat McGrath (names that should be familiar to readers of Farrago in both its Original and Bizarro flavours, as well as to Syn listeners, and I could go on but this aside is long enough), proposed to me an mp3 blog. In response, I pitched to them a URL,, and wondered if they could narrow their critical purview, at least most of the time, to the most vibrant and diverse local music scene (per capita!) in the Western world.

The outcome of these discussions was just as the title says: a Melbourne music site about music.

It's breathtakingly simple, but if I might be so bold, I think it's just a little bit revolutionary. screenshot is a collaborative blog that reviews individual tracks by Melbourne bands. Read the review, download the mp3, and beg to differ.

There is a launch party coming up soon, but the blokes were handing out flyers at the Laura album launch on Sunday at the Corner, so it sounds like the cat's out of the bag. It's all beta til the launch, naturally, which means you (my darling emdashbedotto-ers) are the guinea pigs. Or pioneers. Wait, you guys are the pioneers.

Also, right now, there's a competition for some schwag (Christ, did I just use that word?): CDs, T-shirts and door passes to Laura gigs. Go on, like I said, you are the first to know about it, so your chances of winning some good shit are startlingly high.

Joseph | 19 Apr 2005

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