turn your goddam images on

Says it all, I guess.

Okay, so here's the deal: nominate me one word no longer than 7 letters and enjoying subjectively* popular use, and I'll tell you what, if anything, in my mp3 database matches it.

Try me.

* I'll be the freakin' judge of that.


Yeah it's crude, but one of my favourite playlists emerges from a search for fuck:

  • Fucking Little Bastards — Arab Strap
  • Hey Fuck You — Beastie Boys
  • Butterfucker — Cibo Matto
  • Fake as Fuck — Del the Funky Homosapien
  • Everything's Fucked — Dirty Three
  • I Don't Want the Motherfuckin' — Dr Dooom
  • Fuck You Very Much, The FCC — Eric Idle
  • Wanna Fuck Around — Pavement
  • The Man Don't Give a Fuck — Super Furry Animals
  • Slack Motherfucker — Superchunk
  • How Fucking Romantic — The Magnetic Fields

Joseph | 30 Sep 2005

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